The Company

Monitor Electronics was established in 1982 by an electronic engineers group in Athens – Greece, with the aim of research, development, design, production, installation and support of digital electronic products and integrated systems.

Having achieved a steady and remarkable growth, it is known today as one of the biggest manufacturing companies in Greece, in the field of electronics.

It has a leading position in the development and production of dynamic display products and systems, which employ Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.

Our vision

In line with the philosophy of the founders, the vision of our company
is to establish itself, both locally and abroad, as the most reliable supplier for its current and potential customers in the field of electronics applications.

This is achieved through the superior scientific skills of our personnel, our state of the art manufacturing facilities, and the use of advanced technology components, and SW/HW development systems and tools, all leading to products of the highest quality.


The most important business sectors in which Monitor Electronics operates, and offers products and services, are the following:

Traffic Displays
Variable Message Sings (VMS), Bicolour Pictogram Signs (BPS), Lane Control Sings(LCS), Variable Speed Limit Signs(VSLS), Toll Fare Indicators (TFI)

Passenger Information Displays
Platform Passenger Information Displays (PPID), Flag Passenger Information Displays (FPID), Totem Passenger Information Displays

Tunnel Emergency signs
Emergency Exit sign, Emergency Cabinet sign, Evacuation sign

Commercial Displays – Electronic Advertising /Promotion
Pharmacy LED Cross, GSPI (Gas Station Price Indicator), Scrolling message displays with automatic message updates (Ticker), Banner

LED Video Displays
ORATON, Indoors and Outdoors Video Displays

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) – Custom-made products
Customized design of electronic and mechanical product parts on the basis of the customer’s specific requests. i.e.: Electronic Clocks – Thermometers for public areas, Vehicle Interior Information Displays, etc.

R & D

Research and Development
Our Research and Development department constitutes one of the most important departments since the very beginning of the company’s operation.

Starting from the concept itself, this department is responsible for research and development of new products and integrated solutions, in a wide spectrum of digital electronic applications.

Our engineers’ long experience, the company’s continuous involvement with high-end technology product design, and the use of reliable components, are the key factors that guarantee the quality and longevity of our products.

The department’s experience combined with the company’s flexibility ensure solutions to any challenge that may arise in the process of working on highly demanding projects.


Electronic PCB assembly department:
This department is responsible for the assembly of electronic circuit boards. The department’s production line is equipped with the most modern production machinery for electronic boards, such as: Surface mount (SMD) pick-&-place machine, Radial component sequencing and insertion machine, Screen Printer for Surface Mount, Reflow oven, Double wave through-hole soldering machine

Wire processing department:
Automatic cable and connector process department.
The whole process is carried out with automatic machines, such as: Cable stripping machines, Crimping machines

Optical inspection and Functional test department:
In this department, inspection of all electronic boards is conducted before the final assembly. Inspection is carried out with the aid of video microscopes, functional testers, digital oscilloscopes, digital multi-meters and high accuracy power suppliers.

Final Assembly department:
This is the department where the final assembly of products is carried out. Every device is properly tested for functionality, environmental protection and electrical safety.

Labs and Quality Control

To fulfil all quality requirements, and in compliance with European directives and standards, the company operates a fully equipped Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Lab and an Electrical Safety and Photometry lab.

This department assures that all product specifications are met at every phase of the production process.

The department is also responsible for maintaining the ISO 9001:2008 and EN 12966:2010 systems.


The company occupies a newly-built, modern multistory building of 2,400 square meters. It is situated at the VIOPA Ano Liosion Industrial Park, close to the Attiki Odos Tollway, with immediate access from exits 5 and 6.

The departments that operate on our premises are as follows:

General Management
Sales & Marketing Department
R&D Department
Production Department
Quality control Department
Measurement and Inspection Labs

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Multi-RAK OHG Elektrotechnik is our long standing partner in Germany. Since 2006 our partnership has led to numerous successful projects throughout Germany and other countries in Central Europe.

Installation, Support, Warranty:

Monitor Electronics can provide engineering support and trained technical personnel for on-site installation. Our Technical Support is in line with our objective for the utmost customer satisfaction. Moreover, Monitor Electronics provides guarantee for each and every one of its products.

Human Resources:

Monitor Electronics personnel consists of highly qualified scientists and engineers with long experience in the field of electronics, as well as mechanical and software engineering.

They are exceptionally specialized in our product range as a result of their dedication and long presence in our company.